Press Release Writing for SMEs

Press Release Writing for SMEs

Are you a small business looking to raise your profile? Maybe you want to find out more about how PR can help or are looking for the skills to write your own press release to promote an event or product launch locally?

As a journalist with 20 years of experience in the industry I know what makes a good story. In Press Release Writing for SMEs I give you all the skills to write that perfect press release for local media and pitch your story to a journalist.

I can't make you a PR pro with this start up course but it does give you a step by step guide to creating your first press release for your local newspaper, business pages or radio station.

  • Boost your SEO
  • Increase your website presence
  • Raise your profile in your local community
  • Stand out from the competition

The perfect solution for businesses looking to take their first steps in promoting their business to a wider audience.

9 Modules

Getting started

You want to promote your business but how do you start to get your name to a wider audience?

The benefits of PR

PR is a powerful tool for small businesses looking to raise their profile. Think of it as networking on a larger scale!

The five W's

Get the basics right and put in time planning your story and you will soon be crafting the perfect press release!

In this module you will look at the five key Ws of journalism and how you can make sure your press release stands out for all the right reasons.

How to write a press release

There are certain things every great press release has in common. 

Sort out your intro from your headline and get your press release looking professional!

Hints and tips from journalists on getting it right

Get behind the scenes to find out what journalists really look for in a great press release.

What will make your press release stand out and your story get chosen over a competitors?

What next?

A great press release is only the first step in creating media opportunities. Find out what to do once you have created your cracking content.

How to make the most of great coverage

Great local coverage can help to raise your business profile but what can you do now to take advantage of that success and create even greater exposure?

What to do if you aren't successful

Simple tips and advice if your press release isn't chosen straight away. 

One last thing

Thank you for completing the Press Release Writing for SMEs course.

As a way of saying thank you, I have included a little freebie in the final lesson to help you on your PR journey.

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